How To Choose The Right Size Print For Your Space

How To Choose The Right Size Print For Your Space



                    Is Bigger Better?

These days buying art prints online couldn’t be easier. You can choose an image that speaks to you, then choose the type of print you want. 

High quality prints on paper are the most affordable but will require framing. Canvas wrap prints make framing optional. Prints on leather, prints with frames  and wall clings are also available to compliment any type of décor. 

We have taken the guess work out of choosing the perfect size for your space. Each size option is shown over either a 30” wide chair or a 72” wide sofa so you can easily choose the best scale for your room.

Small prints  can be hung together in a cluster on an accent wall. 

Multiple small pieces look best in  simple rooms with minimal furnishings.

Large scale pieces add an instant focal point and drama to any room. 

So is bigger better? Not always but sometimes, yeah…

You can also order your favorite images printed on a wide variety of clothing and home décor products.

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