How I Supercharged My Art Career

How I Supercharged My Art Career

How I Supercharged My Art Career

Laurie Humble
Visual Artist 

Ever felt like you were just in a rut? I sure have. 

I worked in watercolor for many years and loved,loved,loved it! I was excited by the challenge of the medium. The sense of depth I could create through the slow build up transparent layers and natural glow which comes from utilizing the white of the paper for your lightest lights was thrilling.

I made a plan and I worked it. The height of that plan was to publish a watercolor instruction book. My book Watercolor Depth & Realism was published by North Light books late in 2008.  More than ten years ago. I can't believe it! 

After the book came out I naturally rode that high for quite some time. Once I came back to Earth, I waffled around for a while trying to figure out my next move. I had gotten to the end of my plan and was now...completely lost.

I continued creating watercolors and teaching my craft. But somehow things didn't feel quite the same. It took a number of years for me to realize that once I had completed my initial plan, I had lost my drive. I now had no direction, no competitive edge, nothing I was working toward.                            

It finally became clear. I needed a new plan.

I have since made that plan, although it took a lot of time and experimentation to figure out what was going to drive me forward.

While trying to knock a few things off of my "bucket list" (although I really don't believe in that, as I'd hate to finish my list and then have nothing left to do but to kick said bucket!) I discovered that I loved working with oil based clay. I was quite pleased with my first sculptures.   Ta Da! New passion # 1. 

Then came the oil painting.....too lazy to painstakingly clean all those brushes, I decided I really didn't need them at all. Wallah! Oil Finger-Painting, love, love, love it! New Passion #2 !Just what I had been missing, something more tactile but not something I didn't enjoy.(there are some textures I just don't like, basically anything that feels rough!)  

I have now been creating custom pieces, taking commissions for oil finger-paintings in a variety of subjects, Animals, Pets, Landscapes, Portraits even Abstracts. If you can think of it I can create it for you! I am enjoying working quicker and looser (a necessity of my finger-painting technique and something I was constitutionally unable to achieve when working in watercolor!) I am also taking commissions for sculptures both figurative and pets! The sculpture satisfies my love of persnickety detail!

In the past, I only sold originals and had no interest in making prints. A big part of my new direction is to sell affordable prints of my work strictly through my website. I love seeing my images hanging in homes across the country. I even sell my images on a variety of clothing items.

I still plan to teach watercolor, it will now be limited to online courses....which are coming soon! I'll let you know!

Order a painting created just for you!

Oil finger-paintings by Laurie Humble

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