Suffering from bare wall syndrome?

Suffering from bare wall syndrome?


                   art prints on paper.

Smaller prints can be a great value.

You can find almost anything as a print, from the new works of individual artists to old masters to inspirational quotes, and they are very affordable. 

Try purchasing an inexpensive frame that comes with a pre-cut mat the next size larger than your print. The mat opening should fit your print. 

Not only does it enhance the look of the image, but you also have a larger piece to help fill your wall space.

Hanging similar or a matched set of prints side by side can give you the look and feel of a much larger piece. This can be a great idea for the budget conscious. 

Multiple small prints hung together in a collage style grouping can create a very individualized eclectic look.

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Weekly ideas and tips! I am currently working on new online art courses in watercolor, oil and sculpture that will offered through my website!

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