Custom Pet Sculpture

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Describe, in detail, what you have in mind. Describe any special features or markings that your pet has.
Choose the position in which you want your pet sculpted.
Upload photos 2-5 clear photos showing your pet as you would like him to look. At least 1 photo of your pet in the position you want him sculpted in and one face close up are preferred.
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Photo 3
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Email address for initial/final approval

You will love my one of a kind, handmade sculptures. I use your photos, and information about the personality of your pet to capture a likeness.
I pay careful attention to the unique traits that make your friend special, ensuring every detail matches your fur baby. The larger the sculpture is the finer the details can become, resulting in a higher degree of realism.

  •  Sculpture can be in the position of your choice, sitting, standing, laying down, etc.
  • Add a wood base or pet pillow to put your sculpture on (additional cost)
  • Professional Polymer Clay, fired, as sturdy as resin. 
  • Hand painted and varnished.