Watercolor Depth and Realism-Limited edition signed by the Artist/Author

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5 Simple Techniques For Adding Dimension To Your Paintings

Take your work to a whole new dimension

Whether you are painting sweeping vistas or intimate still lifes, it's the illusion of dimension that pulls viewers in and really makes your painting pop. Now you can learn the secrets to achieving a convincing sense of depth. Award-winning artist Laurie Humble shares five essential techniques for creating an engaging, push-and-pull dynamic that will enhance your center of interest and give your artwork a realistic, three-dimensional effect.

Three lessons transcend style and medium, and can be applied to any painting - either from conception or as a way of rescuing a piece that has fallen flat - for results that really stand out.

  • 12 exercises and mini-demonstrations illustrate the basics of achieving depth and realism
  • 6 complete, step-by-step painting projects show techniques applied to a variety of subjects
  • 6 before-and-after examples illustrate the dramatic difference these concepts can make in a painting

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