Demo Doozy

Demo Doozy

The deer represents one fairly uncomfortable hours work done as a live demonstration. If you have ever seen me demo before you will know that I am usually extremely comfortable and in my element.

I recently did a demo for a group I had done a number of watercolor demos for in the past. I had always been well received. This experience was unusual not because of the medium, but because this was the first time in my career that my demonstration was a "time filler".

I had no idea when I went that I would be there to help kill time while the club members waited to see if they had won any ribbons in the club's art show. That is my canvas way up there in the middle.

 Have any of you ever done a demo for folks sitting at round tables not even facing you? While my "audience" ate lunch and chatted with each other I attempted to talk over them and give the presentation I had prepared. There were some people up front who wanted to hear me and asked questions so I tried to make the best of the situation.

Luckily I have mellowed with age because in my youth I would have just packed up my toys and gone home right in the middle of it. Ill at ease, which I rarely feel, I tried to make a hasty retreat at the end only to be backed into a corner by a member who was announcing their awards.

 My take away from this experience? Another humbling lesson! (sorry for the pun) A word to the wise....Never, no matter how much you accomplish, allow yourself to get a big head. There is always someone or something who will be there to put you in your place. But, seriously, I have done quite a lot and gotten quite far with my art career and I am very proud of all that I have done. I will continue to make appearances however, I will be more selective about events I choose to participate in.




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