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Explore the gallery, pause, observe, and immerse yourself to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Every view adds meaning to the piece.

Artist Statement 
 My work has always been a search for truth and meaning. I am troubled by the ambiguity of life. Finding truth amid lies and deception is an endless challenge. I want things to be straightforward, honest, and just. But that is not the world we live in, even in nature there is camouflage. My earlier work explored subjects as I saw them visually while looking for the story that lies within. Sometimes the story was a feeling, sometimes it was something more tangible. Although not immediately obvious to the viewer each piece has a story beyond a detailed rendering.

My latest work is a deeper dive into the camouflage we must navigate daily. What is real, and what is not? Each piece tells a story of its own, allowing for the viewer's interpretation. The smoke overall is representative of veiled truths. 

My Story
I have called myself an artist since I was a very young child, and I have always found my efforts were encouraged. I never even thought to question that this is what I was meant to do. I majored in Fine Art in college, and then worked tirelessly on my painting skills while my 3 children were young. I painted at night, while they slept. I showed my work, entering tons of competitions and shows. I eventually became best known for my works in watercolor highlighting unusual vantage points. I am also proficient with oil and sculpture. I consistently work with each of these mediums depending on what I feel will best fit my idea for a new piece.

I began selling my original paintings online in 2001. My works in both watercolor and oil are now included in private and permanent collections across the country and have garnered awards in numerous National and International Exhibitions.
Things progressed and my work appeared on the cover and been the subject of a feature articles in American Artist Magazine and Watercolor Artist. It has been included in Southwest Art, International Artist, the book Splash 10, and many others.
My first book, Watercolor Depth and Realism, was published by North Light Books 2008. And I produced five instructional DVD's, three with Art Academy Live and a two-DVD series, Secrets in Watercolor, with Artists Network TV. See my full CV here.

I spent the next few years traveling the country teaching workshops and judging art shows which I really enjoyed, but by 2014, I made the decision to stop traveling. (although I do still judge and teach a few workshops when asked!) Unfortunately, life matters, outside of my work, intervened. I continued to teach locally and online till 2020.

I then spent some time figuring out what's next. I did some sculpting, explored new mediums and learned some business and computer skills. Presently, my focus lies on creating my own art, both paintings and sculptures. I release new originals often. I release just a few pieces in my master works series for sale every few months here on my website.

I can make custom paintings of all types and can work with you or your interior designer. If you have a project in mind and don't see a listing for it, just send me a message!

I live and work out of my studio in Houston, Texas.
I look forward to hearing from you!