New work, Exploing mediums

New work, Exploing mediums

An artist's journey is never-ending, filled with twists and turns that lead to uncharted territories. Today, I am ready to unveil one of the early pieces from my latest collection, crafted with a blend of acrylic, watercolor, and liquid graphite.

Exploring the Depths of Acrylic

Dive into the vibrant world of acrylic, where colors collide and textures come to life. I have been experimenting with this liquid acrylic, pushing boundaries by using similar techniques on both paper and canvas. The result has been a number of bold, dynamic pieces that demand attention.

Reveling in the Transparency of Watercolor

I have combined the acrylic with the unpredictable nature of watercolor. With its delicate transparency and fluidity, watercolor has allowed me to capture the essence of emotion and movement in each piece. Every wash of color is a challenge accepted, a triumph over the unknown.

Harnessing the Power of Liquid Graphite

Shadows dance and light bends with liquid graphite. I have been adding this slightly unconventional medium to the mix, creating mesmerizing pieces that blur the line between reality and imagination. 

Introducing The Smoke and Mirrors Collection

 My work has always been a search for truth and meaning. I am troubled by the ambiguity of life. Finding truth amid lies and deception is an endless challenge. I want things to be straightforward, honest, and just. But that is not the world we live in, even in nature there is camouflage.

My latest work is a deeper dive into the camouflage we must navigate daily. What is real, and what is not? Each piece tells a story of its own, allowing for the viewer's interpretation. The smoke overall is representative of veiled truths. 

As I unveil this new collection, I invite you to join me on this new artistic journey. I hope you enjoy craftsmanship of each new addition and uncover the symbolism woven into every piece.

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